Temporary Safe Housing

Our emergency accommodation is for women and children who are homeless as a result of domestic violence. We can house 18 women and up to 25 children at any one time in our refuges.

Shared accommodation

Most of our accommodation is in shared refuges. Here, women and children have exclusive use of their own bedrooms. Half of these units also include a private bathroom for each family.  Kitchens and lounges are shared between either 2 or 3 families.

Self-contained flat

We have one self-contained flat and priority for this is given to women who cannot be in shared accommodation for health or mobility reasons.

Safe house for trafficked women

Please see our Anneli Project page for more information about this accommodation.

Staying at LWA

Staff are on site between 8.30am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours on-call staff can be contacted in emergencies.  Each woman has her own keys to come and so as she likes – there is no curfew. The addresses of our refuges are highly confidential and we use a PO Box.

Each woman has a support worker who can give structured emotional and practical support during her stay, which will normally last up to six months. We work with other agencies to give extra support e.g. counselling, drug or alcohol support and support for children.

Families normally stay for up to 6 months until they find safe and permanent accommodation.

Here is what women have told us about living in the shared refuges:

“It can be amazing to have someone there who understands what you have been through. It helps when you and others have a shared experience. They know when to leave you alone and when to support you”

 “It has given me strength. I want more from life, to get back to work and move on with my life”

“It helps if you’ve just left home and you might feel a bit lonely, to be able to sit down and eat with other families”

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How to refer

Any woman experiencing domestic violence can refer herself to this service by calling us on 0113 246 0401 or any agencies working with women can refer women if they have their permission to do so. Details will be taken over the phone and if accommodation is available then the woman will be accepted immediately. However as we have limited space and there is always a high demand, there are times when this is not possible. When this happens we can contact alternative emergency accommodation including refuges nationwide.

Because we do not have 24-hour staff we are unable to accommodate women with certain high support needs, unless a package of support can be provided by other agencies.

Waiting list

We also run a waiting list for our refuge service, we support women on the waiting list so that they and their children can be as safe as possible whilst they are waiting for a space. We regularly update women about how long it will be and when a suitable property is likely to become vacant.