Safe Houses For Trafficked Women

A N N E L I   P R O J E C T

We run a safe house service for women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation. Some women have been trafficked internationally, whilst others are British-born women who have been trafficked internally within the UK. Human trafficking is a huge problem across the UK, with women and girls being tricked into coming to the UK from some of the poorest countries in the world. It is a modern form of slavery.

Women are forced to have sex with men, sometimes up to 10 times a day. They are often forced to sleep in the same room in which they are being raped and are threatened with serious harm, and sometimes with death, if they refuse to cooperate.

Trafficking is an extreme form of the violence against women and children that we have been fighting against here in Leeds for the past 40 years.

We offer safe housing and specialist support including help with issues around immigration, sexual health, mental health, substance use, money, housing and the criminal justice system. We also provide access to specialist counselling, interpreting, training, health and education services for women in refuge.

This service has been developed in partnership with other agencies including West Yorkshire Police, Supporting People and other local charities.

We do not accept self-referrals into this service, so all referrals must be made by an agency such as the police, the UK Human Trafficking Centre and other voluntary sector agencies. Referrals are only taken during office hours for this service and it has its own referral form, available by ringing 0113 246 0401.

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